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While the average slot machine lover would be quite happy to visit Las Vegas, Reno, the Bahamas and other slot machine favorite spots on a regular basis, this is not necessarily practical for most, (especially from a financial standpoint). Airfare, transport and hotel accommodation are significant financial constraints for the average player of the slot machines. So what other possibilities exist?

The most immediate and obvious alternative to being in Las vegas itself is definitely to play virtual slot machines online. Playing slot machines online allows you to eliminate a number of usually constraining financial factors, including airfare, transprtation and accommodation. In fact, playing virtual slot machines online requires very little from the player who is out for a good time. Even if you have no money to ante up, you can play for free at many places, including right here at Virtual-Slot-Machines.Net.

We aim to provide the best information and links for slot players who're on the hunt for good tips and places to play slot machines online. Below are our featured sections which will be updated regularly depending on whatever is new and happening in the slot machine world. To the left in the menu, you can quickly access various sections of our comprehensive web site, and above this text to the right, you can click the bright-red image at any time to try out our own unique and free virtual slot machines (three types to choose from).

Beat The Slot Machines
Can you really beat the slot machines? It's a question that so many people have sought to find an answer for. Check out the info on some lucky players who've managed to beat the slot machines.

Antique Slot Machines
Where to go if you're looking to identify, value, buy, sell, repair, or trade antique slot machines and their parts.

Vegas Slot Machines
A look at some popular Las Vegas slots, as well as some great virtual slot machine alternatives for those who want to play online for free or for real money.

Slots Tournaments
Here's an up to date schedule of slots tournaments, happening several times a week.

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How to choose an online casino for a Canadian gambler who wants the best games

There are many people in Canada who wish they could gamble more often and the simple fact of the matter is that there really is no better place than an online casino to play the best selection of online casino games. As it happens there are plenty of online casinos that cater to Canada directly and as such these could be the best choices when looking for a casino to become a member of. The casino games you can play online vary from simple three-reel slot machines to new adaptations of classic casino games like blackjack and roulette.

Most casinos will offer several variations of each game, so once you have signed up you can expect to have a wonderful selection of each and every one of your favourite games., for example, has a selection of around three hundred and fifty different casino games at their online casino. You can also try out each one of their games for free in their online casino so you never have to play a live table or slot machine without knowing how the game works. If you needed any more reason to go there and see for yourself, then you should consider the fact that they are aimed at a Canadian audience and as such supply a list of compatible banking options making your gambling not only fun but easy to fund.

Poker in Canada

Nowhere has the recent poker boom been more apparent than in Canada. Since America launched the complete ban on online poker, Canada has been blessed with a wealth of new casinos, websites and other poker hotspots. The Canadians, it seems, have embraced poker with open arms and open hearts, and this is epitomised in websites such as

Much more than just a news site, the website embraces several aspects of the poker business and empire. The regularly updated news features provide poker stories from in Canada and from around the world, keeping visitors informed about the latest tournaments and wins. Players can choose from the five most highly recommended online poker rooms on the net: Ultimatebet poker, Poker Stars, Full-Tilt Poker, Ultimatebet Poker and Absolute Poker. Sets of rules are also provided, along with tips and strategy written by the poker experts to help you win your game. For those players who feel they have done with Texas Hold'em (poker's most popular variation today) there is an entire section which serves as an introduction to Omaha. There is also a long list of articles profiling some of Canada's most lucrative poker exports, such as Mathew Jarvis, Gavin Smith, Jonathan Duhamel and Daniel Negreanu.

In addition, there are unique features focusing on topics such as poker history, table etiquette, bonuses, legality in Canada, and playing poker online safely. As though this weren't enough, the entire website is beautifully packaged and presented. Done to such a degree, it puts many other online poker spots to shame.